The Story Of Kunzang Mingyur Paldron

Kunzang Mingyur Paldron (1699-1769) was the daughter of Terdak Lingpa, a famous treasure revealer, founder of  Mindrolling Monastery, the main seat of the Nyingmapa school. The birth of Kunzang Mingyur Paldron birth was prophesied in the…
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Interview with Ani Lama Sherab Zangmo

Ani Lama Sherab Zangmo was a resident nun and meditation teacher at Gebchak Gonpa. Often referred to as “The Great Yogini of Gebchak Gonpa”, Sherab Zangmo was famed among the lamas in Eastern Tibet for her high realization. She passed…

The Life Story Of Khandro Pema Dechen

Om Svasti! From the integral nature of the all-pervading primordial state, The Rupakaya of the uninterrupted unity of voidness and awareness, The mother of the spiritual activities of the lord of the three times, The widely manifested…