Five Slogans of Machig Labdron

Machig Labdron was a heroine, a brave and kind of outrageous woman who lived in the 12th century in Tibet. When she met her teacher named Padampa Sangye, she said to him: "I want to wake up. Because I want to alleviate the suffering of this…

The Four Devils As Explained By Machig Labdron

Machig Labdron was one of the most realized Tibetan yoginis and female teachers, who lived in the 11th century. She originated several lineages of the Chod practice and spread them all over Tibet for the benefit of all sentient beings. Till…

Wisdom From An Old Lady

For ninety-nine years I have worked for the benefit of beings. Now this work is almost complete. I will not take birth again in this human realm in a physical form, nor will I leave behind any remains or relics. But my emanations in…

Machig Labdron, An Emanation Of The Great Mother

When Machig Labdron was forty-one years old she had an extraordinary meeting with the majestic Lady Tara who gave her blessings and explained that she was a mind emanation of the Great Mother Yum Chenmo: "The one known as the primordial…

Machig's Struggle with Self-Doubt

"When we look at Machig’s life we see her self-doubt balanced by an underlying sense of destiny. She was at once very human, struggling with questions about whether to give up her spiritual vows and enter a relationship, and at the same…

Do Not Be Discouraged

  When Tara appeared to Machig Labdron while she was in retreat in a cave at the age of forty-one, the yogini said to Tara: "You have been very kind to me and have given me power. I am just a weak, stupid woman, but now I have become…

The Origin Of All Demons ~ Machig Labdrön

"The origin of all demons is in mind itself. When awareness holds on and embraces any outer object, It is in the hold of a demon." ~ Machig Labdrön

Confess Your Hidden Faults ~ Machig Labdrön

Confess your hidden faults. Approach what you find repulsive. Help those you think you cannot help. Anything you are attached to, give that. Go to the places that scare you. ~ Machig Labdrön