Leading Three Hundred Noble Women To The Dharma

One day, Mandarava wanted to go out for a stroll. She asked the group of maidens attending her if they would like to go along. They replied in the affirmative, and all set out together for a long walk. Having passed through a dense forest,…
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The Story Of Mandarava Released ANI BUMCHUNG: THE LIFE OF MANDARAVA Our interview with the lovely yogini Ani Bumchung is live! Ani-la here tells the story of Princess Mandarava and Guru Rinpoche from her cave at Tso Pema, just…

Mandarava Tames Charnel Ground Beings

"Because the wisdom dakini is native to the charnel ground, she has special powers to tame the raw and terrifying spirits who dwell there. Princess Mandarava was especially known for her abilities to tame the charnel ground beings. In her…

Motherhood Awakened

This is the first in a series of blogs sharing reflections on motherhood and practice by mothers in our Yogini Project team and from the global Yogini Community.  This first article is by TYP's Sascha Alexandra Aurora from Denmark. I…

Thoughtless Maidens ~ Mandarava

"Each of you should examine your own mind, to see how you have squandered your lives on your needs and desires. Thoughtless maidens, get hold of your minds!" ~ Princess Mandarava