Before The Drama Happens

We Need To Pay Attention Before The Drama Happens So our problem is, the commonest question: "When I'm in the middle of getting angry, what can I do?" That's like asking, “What'll I do?” when your wheels are falling off. It's too late…

Compassion In Education For Children

“If you could teach children the way things exist (interconnected and impermanent), then what would arise out of that would be a healthy emotional state of mind.”  ~ Pam Cayton Universal Education was a vision of Lama Thupten Yeshe.…

Advice On Mindfulness

Khandro Thrinley Chodon is an accomplished Tibetan yogini, granddaughter of the great siddha in the Drugpa tradition, Togden Shakya Shri, who practiced both Mahamudra and Dzogchen. She is the founder of the Khacholing foundation (Land of…

Motherhood and Dharma – The Rocky Road To Wisdom

I’m sitting in bed right now, listening to my sleeping son breathing. He’s right where he belongs this night. It’s peaceful, it’s quiet, there’s a crazy eclipse occurring, and I am wide AWAKE. So I’m thinking about him and the…

Thoughtless Maidens ~ Mandarava

"Each of you should examine your own mind, to see how you have squandered your lives on your needs and desires. Thoughtless maidens, get hold of your minds!" ~ Princess Mandarava