The Story Of Dakini Sukhasiddhi

Sukhasiddhi arrived at tantric Buddhism late in life. She lived as an impoverished housewife and mother of six children until the age of fifty-nine. She was thrown out of her home by her husband and children, who were irate at what they considered…
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A Female Lineage's Most Welcome Transmission To Women

THE PARADOX OF A FEMALE LINEAGE’S BELATED YET MOST WELCOME TRANSMISSION TO WOMEN - PART I Many people are familiar with the names of Niguma and Sukhasiddhi, two of the most renowned dakinis of the Tibetan tradition, who around the 11th…

The Song of Niguma

The wisdom dakini known as Nigupta, illustrious Narotapa’s sister, was a self-manifest yogini, a powerful lord bodhisattva on awakening’s tenth stage, who received direct instruction from Conqueror Vajra Bearer. She sang these vajra verses…