The Story Of Dakini Sukhasiddhi

Sukhasiddhi arrived at tantric Buddhism late in life. She lived as an impoverished housewife and mother of six children until the age of fifty-nine. She was thrown out of her home by her husband and children, who were irate at what they considered…
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A Female Lineage's Most Welcome Transmission To Women

THE PARADOX OF A FEMALE LINEAGE’S BELATED YET MOST WELCOME TRANSMISSION TO WOMEN - PART I Many people are familiar with the names of Niguma and Sukhasiddhi, two of the most renowned dakinis of the Tibetan tradition, who around the 11th…

The Melody of Great Bliss

A Supplication to the Wisdom Dakini Sukhasiddhi by Jamgon Kongtrul Bestower of uncontaminated, coemergent bliss; Radiant with the full splendor of sixteen-year-old youth; Leader of every assembly of dakinis in the three locations— …