Heart-Felt Advice Of Ayu Khandro

The profoud Dzogchen teaching given by the great Tibetan yogini Ayu Khandro Dorje Paldron, Dakini Indestructible Glorious Lamp From the primordial purity of infinite hospitality free of artifice By showing diverse illusory forms she is…

Saraha And The Radish Curry Dakini

Saraha is known for being a wandering yogi who lived around 8th century and later became one of the 84 Great Siddhas of India. Saraha's teacher and consort is often called the Radish Curry Girl or the Radish Curry Dakini. Saraha met her when…

Upcoming At The Yogini Project, Spring 2017

Upcoming At The Yogini Project, Spring 2017 Live Update:  The Tibetan Yogini Film Production Campaign is live, having now raised over $2.5K in its first two weeks!  Donate here now: …