Dakini Principle In Vajrayana Tradition

In the Indian languages, the word dakini connotes someone who is not quite human, not an ordinary girl or woman. The image it conveys is a little scary: a blood-drinker with fangs, red hair, long nails, and so forth, who can perform a few…

Tara’s Triple Excellence

Tara, the female Buddha of wisdom in action, revealed this complete path of perfect awakening. She spoke three times “excellent” or “legso” in Tibetan. This terma first appeared in the vast wisdom mind of the great treasure master…

The Hidden Valley Of Pemako

Homage to the guru who reveals the secret pathways To the hidden land at the centre of my heart Where resides the eternal teacher Beyond all birth and death Ever serene and radiant To you I pray: In all my lives may we come face to…