Dakini Song - Donate 108

“This is the documentary so many of us are longing to be touched by. Absolutely brilliant!” Dakini Song - Donate 108 Campaign Dakini Song is a poetic documentary evoking the beauty and challenges of the path of meditation as practiced…

TYP: 2018 Year In Review

The Yogini Project 2018 - A Year In Review What an extraordinary year it has been, one of the fullest journeys for the project so far.  It was really a foundational year, and while perhaps not outwardly visible as much, one of the most significant…

New Positions at The Yogini Project

New Positions at The Yogini Project From April 15th - May 5th, we will be accepting online applications to join The Yogini Project content team.  There is one position for Content Director and one for Content Team.  Responsibilities will…