Who Is White Tara?

Let us talk a little bit about White Tara to start with. All the buddhas have the same realizations; you can’t differentiate them. From the side of a Buddha, they don’t have the same feeling of “I” that we deluded beings do. The…

Homage To Tara In Twenty-One Verses

OM Noble and exalted Tara, I bow to you.   Homage to Tara, swift and courageous, Who dispels all fears by the syllables TUTTARE The savioress who bestows all benefit by TURE, With the syllables of homage, SOHA, I bow to you.   Homage…

May White Tara's Light Illuminate

May White Tara's light illuminate within all beings. May they know their essence as love. Om Tara Tuttare Ture Svaha