Listen, faithful people of Tibet!
I am melting now into the space of universal ground;
My body is afflicted by no illness.
Impure Tsogyal now has blossomed into purity;
No longer is there place for impure pain and groaning.
This mirage-form of flesh now melts away;
No need is there for ritual, virtue, arts of healing.
The nature of all beings is now manifest;
There is nothing that is real and permanent.
This form of light, which through the Sacred Dharma I have wrought,
Will be no blackened corpse, no bag of liquid mess.
Your mother Tsogyal is dissolving into A.
So this is not the time for cries of “Oh!” and “Ah!”

The outer elements and inner, the mother and the son, now mingle,
And for me there is no more of matter—earth and stones.
The Guru’s love has never left me:
His emanations fill the world, and here they are inviting me.

Your so-called “Lady,” wild and fit for any deed,
To whom so many things befell, is now no more!
The wench who could not even keep her man
Is now the queen of Dharmakaya Kuntuzangpo!
That sluttish creature, brazen with conceit,
Pretension takes her now away to the southwest!
That whining vixen, fit for any intrigue,
Has tricked her way to dissolution in the Dharmadhatu!
That dejected widow no Tibetan wanted
Inherits now the endless sovereignty of Buddhahood!
Therefore pray to me and do not be despairing;
Those with faith I, Tsogyal, never leave.
For when you pray to me, I will be with you certainly.
Therefore pray, my friends, and go back to your homes,
May bliss and fortune, health and happiness, increasingly be yours!

When she had finished speaking, Tsogyal became radiant with beams of five-colored brilliance difficult to look upon. She dissolved into a sphere of deep blue light, resembling a sesame pod in shape, and disappeared. The four dakinis took the lotus by its petals and raised the shimmering light higher and higher into the air until it vanished.

~ From the biography of Yeshe Tsogyal, Lady Of The Lotus-Born.