Chimé Pakmé Nyingtik (‘The Heart Essence of the Sublime Lady of Immortality’) is a long life practice discovered as mind terma by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo in 1855. It features a mandala of White Tara (in the form of White Tara Wishfulfilling Wheel) in union with the Lord of the Dance, who is sometimes said to be the long-life deity Amitayus, sometimes Avalokiteshvara whose name he bears (Amitayus is the dharmakaya of the Lotus family and Avalokiteshvara the sambhogakaya of the Lotus family, so they are not different).

At the age of 35, Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo the Great was in his residence – The Joyful Grove of Immortal Accomplishment – at his monastic seat of Dzongsar Tashi Lhatsé. As he focused intensively on the practice of Tara, he had a vision of the wisdom body of the three great masters Shri Singha, Guru Rinpoche and Vimalamitra. Then, like filling a vase to its brim, they gave him all the Chimé Phakmé Nyingtik tantras, including the empowerments and all the transmissions, pith instructions and sadhanas.

So, the entire root and branch teachings and practices of the Chimé Phakmé Nyingtik entered Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo’s wisdom mind as a result of the combined blessing of these three great masters – it was if the teachings had been perfectly reproduced in his mind like a photograph.

At first, when Khyentse Wangpo deciphered the terma, he wrote down just the sadhana of Chimé Phakmé Nyingtik. Then he began to practise it and receive its extraordinary power and blessings. Vimalamitra appeared to him again and again, blessed him and proof-read the text he had written. Khyentse Wangpo then transmitted the final draft to the Karmapa Khakyab Dorje, Terchen Chögyur Dechen Lingpa, Jamgön Kongtrül, and so on. This was how, having kept these teachings secret for five years, he gradually transmitted them.

The great Jamgön Kongtrül himself, having taken the practice of Chimé Phakmé Nyingtik as his special yidam, had a very long life. Many termas had predicted that Jamgön Kongtrül would face many obstacles and that his life wouldn’t be very long. However, by practising the approach and accomplishment of Chimé Phakmé Nyingtik, he was able to live his life to the full and to accomplish many great works – like the five great treasures – without any obstacles. Jamgön Kongtrül himself said that this was only possible thanks to the power and blessings of Chimé Phakmé Nyingtik.

So, Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, his student Jamgön Kongtrül, both the fourteenth and the fifteenth Karmapas – Thekchok Dorje and Khakyab Dorje – Shechen Gyaltsab, Tertön Sogyal, Dodrupchen Rinpoche Jikmé Tenpé Nyima, Drubwang Sakya Shri and all his other students focused on the practise of Chimé Phakmé Nyingtik and took it as their yidam.

Therefore Chimé Phakmé Nyingtik is extraordinarily blessed. You could say the warmth of the blessings of the dakinis has never cooled – that it’s still hot with dakinis’ blessings.


The History and Background of the Chimé Phakmé Nyingtik Teachings by Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche (Lerabling, 18 August 1996).