Kunzang Mingyur Paldron (1699-1769) was the daughter of Terdak Lingpa, a famous treasure revealer, founder of  Mindrolling Monastery, the main seat of the Nyingmapa school. The birth of Kunzang Mingyur Paldron birth was prophesied in the fundamental tantra The Reverberation of Sound, which refers to the “dakini Paldzin.”

From an early age, she exhibited unparalleled wisdom and realization. Terchen Lama (a familiar title for Rigdzin Terdak Lingpa) praised her, saying, “The lineage of teachings in my family will be held not by a son, but by my daughter.”

During a period of political upheaval brought on by an invasion of Mongol forces, Kunzang Mingyur Paldron went to Sikkim and so suffered no hardship. She remained there for a long time, benefiting her students enormously, pursuing her spiritual practice, and founding the Khacho Pema Yangtse monastic center, where a lineage of teachings has been held and practiced to the present day in Sikkim.

She eventually returned to her main seat of Mindroling Monastery, where she stayed for an extended period at Khacho Dechen Ling, continually bestowing the teachings of natural great perfection and gathering an enormous number of students — such was her great kindness in ensuring the continuity of the teachings.

Kunzang Mingyur Paldron could clearly recall her previous lifetimes as Yeshe Tsogyal and Azhe Nangsa Obum. She gained mastery over the energies in her subtle channels and realized the expanse of enlightened intent: the perception of awareness’s naturally manifest appearances without bias. She wrote many commentaries, including a teaching manual based on the mother and child collections of the Nyingtik teachings.

She came to have many fine students, among them Chungre Pema Longyang, the great throne holder Pema Tendzin, and Khenchen Oddiyana. She thus ensured consummate benefit for beings.

Source: A Marvelous Garland Of Precious Gems by Nyoshul Khenpo.