The Yogini Project is expanding.  After 7 years of groundbreaking media releases in support of women in Buddhist practice, including significant short films and extensive interviews and inspiration of millions through our social media channels, this autumn the project is crossing a threshold. 

As we prepare for our powerful film on women in dedicated practice around the world and our Yogini Fund to support women in genuine retreat, we have this year refined thoroughly our foundational platform that has been built with altruistic dedication these past many years. 

This has included:

* Extending our Content Team with an excellent new Content Director who has been providing tremendous material, both subtle and accessible. Her and her support team have extended TYP website content by almost 60% since the spring of this year.  Extraordinary new content is scheduled for the next several years.

* Research and preproduction for our film “DAKINI SONG.”

* Extensive platform enhancements and integrations – as well as important infrastructure developments – essential for our upcoming media projects.


From this Autumn 2018, we must raise $37,000 over the following six months, which will fund the expanded base for our most significant projects yet:

*  DAKINI SONG” – essential research and film preproduction / initial phase of filming

* Film equipment and interview budget for extending our Yogini Archives video interview series with some of the accomplished, trailblazing women both east and west in the Dharma.

*  Growing support for a steady flow of new media from our amazing content team to site and social media channels through the year 

* Budget for our Yogini Project team to cover and interview innumerable significant women at the biannual Sakyaditha (Daughters of the Buddha) Conference in Australia, June 2019

*  Produce the first of our multimedia Dakini As Art events raising awareness of the importance of women awakening in Buddhist practice to the flourishing of the world – includes film screenings, performances, art exhibits, talks and forums.



When the project was first an aspiration, as it was being founded, the project founder met extensively with Tsoknyi Rinpoche over a year receiving advice.  He essentialized the project with these words: 


What are the causes and conditions for that?

As the Dharma spread around the world in recent decades, the question was asked again and again, ‘Well, where are the women?’   Exquisite, authentic Dharma was being taught, but the transmission was primarily from traditional societies to modern, gender equality based ones.  And the images and role models of women were scarce, though the feminine was woven through the Dharma.  At the time that the Yogini Project came to fruition however, women actually were and ARE the majority of practitioners in the world. 

The answer was actually… Everywhere! 

Women are actually blossoming in practice all around the world, in numbers and contexts like never before.  But how to provide the visibility, the needed images and praise?  We have often felt that The Yogini Project is here to announce a global movement that is actually hidden to its own members.  A movement that will have immense posititive affect on the world. 

To meet the needs of those women, and just as much those men who are aspiring for and need – are deeply inspired by – more positive and comprehensive images of empowered women, we have striven to illuminate and fulfill these foremost:

  • Visibility / Recognition
  • Confidence Building
  • Self-Respect
  • Sense of Community / Belonging
  • Continuous Inspiration
  • Development of Faith
  • Empowerment

Foremost, confidence has come up again and again as the most essential need for women to embark on and, moment by moment, genuinely engage in the path.   This has also been  a primary topic of the sublime teachers we feature.

In the words of Her Eminence Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche:

“Being able to have the confidence that who you are is absolutely fine.  That further adornment of the person as an individual by association is not needed. 

I think women do tend to have a lot of confidence but at the same time are always looking for affirmation of some kind, that it’s alright to be that confident.  So I think in that regard if there is also a project such as The Yogini Project that provides a platform for women to feel confident and assured in that confidence, that as they are, who they are, as a practitioner, that is very fine but further more something additional to that is not needed other than working with your own self. Then I think that is an excellent platform that will be very helpful for many women.”


And Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo:

“Lesson #1 to raise their confidence to realize the path is the understanding of our buddha nature.  It is that we identify with all the wrong things really.  When it comes to buddha nature, certainly, there is no gender issue.  There is no male or female; there is no monastic or lay.  It’ss just our pure, intrinsic nature, which we all have and which is the thing that connects us all. Unlike our clinging to our individual identities which is what separates us from everybody.  So, as a foundation for our practice is to remember that inherently we are completely pure and completely ok, no matter what our outer circumstances may be. 

These are just clouds, but the blue sky is always there.

What we seek with our interviews and all our media is to provide encouragement for women already committed to practice the Dharma or just being introduced, encountering the Dharma for the first time, to have examples of women who are manifesting the fruits of the practice without needing a limelight to authenticate their qualities. Their qualities are inherent in themselves and their practice, which is precisely where all women on the path will find them, they will arise within.  As the sublime teachers always indicate.

This world now as much as ever needs awakened women, women who are empowering themselves through genuine practice.


This is the list of interviews up ahead for the following two years that we have confirmed, are developing, or will be developed upon sufficient funding:

Khandro Rinpoche
Jetsun Chimey Luding Rinpoche
Sakya Dagmola Rinpoche
Sakyaditha Conference 2019, Australia
Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel & Jampal Namgyel
Sarah Harding
Sangye Khandro
Anne Klein
Robina Courtin
Ven. Thupten Chodron
Lama Lena – Tso Pema

Simultaneous with many of these interviews is:

a) Our primary film project DAKINI SONG, a poetic documentary, vividly filming women in practice on 5 continents from Asia to Europe, the Americas, and Australia.  It will portray women at all stages applying the Dharma to the contexts and challenges discovered today on the path.  This project will be funded largely through significant private donors and foundational grants upon establishing the base support outlined above. 

b) The Yogini Fund – to be developed throughout 2020.

c) Translations of our comprehensive website and media into several languages.  These include primarily Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. Other languages will follow.


“Any endeavor that is there to support women as practitioners, that is excellent!I wish the project, The Yogini Project, all success. And I hope that extends towards everyone and more women are able to be supported.”

You have my full support!”

~ Her Eminence Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche


“Thank you for initiating this wonderful project to help promote and support those women whoare dedicated to genuine training on the path.”

~ Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo










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