Dear Yogini Community,

First of all, we wish to thank all those who have been active supporters of The Yogini Project, either as Members or as one-time Donate 108 donors. It is with your help that these amazing projects come to life and into the World! 

We are happy to share with you some brief notes on the most recent developments here at Yogini Project for each of our main projects – what’s happening behind the scenes (there’s a lot!!) – as follows: 

Blessings International Version
The Yogini Project, together with a dedicated team of volunteers, has translated the film “Blessings: The Tsoknyi Nangchen Nuns of Tibet“ into seven languages, making tangible the heartfelt intent of having this film  available for a much wider audience, eliminating the language barrier for many who would be inspired or transformed by this profound film. 
This project is now moving into its final production phase, with subtitling and post- production, in preparation for online streaming and DVD printing this coming Spring 2016. The necessary budget to cover the costs of production for this phase is $3,300 to be raised by January 2016 to initiate the work by our editor in Spain and post-production work at a production house in Los Angeles.
We have just launched on December 2nd an “ART For Blessings” Campaign through our Dakini As Art galleries for this month. Community support and spreading the good word is so appreciated.

“Art For Blessings” Campaign 

Dakini As Art has just launched its  “ART For Blessings” Campaign throughout December 2015 to support the production phase of our Blessings: International Version.

Some of our premiere Dakini As Art artists are donating a percentage of their profits to this campaign the completion of Blessings.  You may see which ones through the continually updated Dakini blog post above.
Foremost our Nepali Thangka collective Images of Enlightenment’s exquisite work and DAA’s new 2016 Dakini As Art Calendar are being specially dedicated in this campaign.

Images Of Enlightenment (New Work)
2016 Dakini As Art Calendar
Explore the Full Dakini AS Art Galleries

This is a wonderful opportunity to treat one’s self or your loved ones to exceptional Dharma Art and help bring Blessings tangibly into the world!
Dakini As Art: New Artists 

We are happy to announce four new, very talented artists have joined the Dakini As Art collective: Paola Minelli (Traditional Thangka Painter), Ti Campbell-Allen (Silk Artist), Faith Stone (Contemporary Thangka Painter), and Ines Pardal (Tibetan Masters Portraits Painter – later in January 2016).     
There have been likewise a series of new Dakini blog extensions with stories from the collective’s wonderful artists, 100! new Images of Enlightenment fine art works, new products (ready to hang stretched canvas art prints & calendars), and a host of Dakini inspired stylistic touches.
“White Lotus”

“White Lotus” is an exceptional interview with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, filmed and directed by The Yogini Project, on the the remarkable transmission of this lineage to Nepal through the emergence of the Tsoknyi Nepal Nuns. The interview was filmed in February 2016 and captures a very clear and thorough description of how the lineage is being transmitted and preserved and, also explains how the monastic training is being combined with western education of the nuns, offering a complete curriculum and preparing them for teaching the Dharma to a contemporary audience.  It is interwoven with captivating footage of the nuns at Drubchen at Losar 2014, in their daily life and ritual activities, and a penetrating interview with Fionnuala Shenpen, the director of Tsoknyi Gebchak School, all filmed during TYP’s filming for “Women On The Path” in Nepal last winter.
This upcoming bonus feature is intended to be added to our Blessings International Version.  We are now on hold with our final shoot for this feature with Rinpoche and the nuns in school with the present situation in Nepal (a school fair was postponed until later this year due to almost no petrol in Kathmandu at the moment, hindering transportation). 
We are already engaged in post-production in the editing phase on this feature. We will need to raise more funds for the final shoot and post-production, once the situation in Nepal allows, budgeted at $4300.  In addition it will as well be subtitled in all seven languages as the main film, and accompany the Blessings: International Version both in online streaming and the regional DVDs (if not in the first version, in all subsequent editions).
To support the completion of the “White Lotus” you can make a donation here.   Send us a note to specify your donation accordingly.

Yogini Archives 

Starting from January 15th, 2016, The Yogini Project will release monthly, as part of the Yogini Archives, full length interviews from the filming of our “Women On The Path” documentary film, followed by other Yogini Project exclusive interviews. 
First full length interview to be released in January 2016 is the interview featuring Ani Choying Drolma, to be followed in February 2016 by a full length interview with Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo(Preview clips may be seen here.) Interviews with the first Geshema, German born Keslang Wangmo, and with the recently passed Buddhist feminist Rita Gross will follow. 
All Yogini Project members have full Yogini Archives access as part of their annual membership at a minimum of $10/month supportYogini Members will receive an email with instructions and your log-in credentials at launch.  Exciting!

Read more about The Yogini Archives here.    

Yogini Project Blog Series: New Features from January 2016 


From January 2016, Yogini Project’s blog is being restructured and redesigned and shall be updated on a bi-weekly basis with new features, covering a wide range of subjects from features on inspiring women in the dharma to featured new translations on the lives of great yoginis, great dakini quotes, more in-depth coverage of some of the most important female lineages, and a regular series of ‘Best of Yogini‘ posts from our seriously active Facebook page from the last years.  There are some priceless gems to be reincarnated.
We are integrating new members to our Content team currently, grooming them as future Content Managers, as we continue to expand.  We shall also be expanding our volunteer team of researchers and posters for our site, blog, and social page.  Stay tuned for the invites in to the team!
Members will receive the blog updates in their monthly letter. In the meantime, follow our blog here and our Facebook page for word on any new features freshly released.   
That’s it!  Thanks for the great and kind support of these efforts.
With love,
Crina Radu 
Communications Director
The Yogini Project

Imagini inline 2

If you know me, you know that I reside in the hearts of all beings.
 Just summon me and I will return! 
~ Yeshe Tsogyal

Image Credits:
“Nuns at Gebchak Ling” by James Gritz
“White Tara in Red and Gold II (Detail B)” by Images Of Enlightenment
“Amitayus Yabyum” by Paola Minelli
“Tsoknyi Rinpoche at Chobar” by Michael Ash/The Yogini Project
“Ani Choying Drolma” by Michael Ash/The Yogini Project
“Ani Pema Chödrön & Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyal” by Gretchen Marie Holland
“Yeshe Tsogyal” by Images Of Enlightenment
“Amala (Jetsun Jampa Chökyi)”, Photographer unknown