With Arya Tara’s blessings…

WAHOO!  AUGUST 27TH, 2017.  We reached our final goal of $9375 for our campaign.  Thank you to all those that supported!


UPDATE May 18, 2017:  We are now just $100 away from our 2/3 mark. Please support today.  Help us in this final lap to reach our end goal.

The Yogini Project is so grateful for all the support of our Tibetan Yogini Film Production campaign. You make the difference! So far $5.9K has been donated by 109 donors to date, with 5.6K social shares now.

If you have been touched or inspired by The Yogini Project’s work in any way, please don’t underestimate your ability to make a difference in having authentic, genuine role models of empowered, accomplished women in the world. The messages of these extraordinarily humble yet sublimely profound women – the reflection of the developed qualities of inherent buddha nature whose potential dwells in all beings – is so needed in the world today. Supremely relevant and timely.

Together, we each create the wave, the causes and conditions, for this work and the growing presence of genuinely awakened women in the world a reality. Great merit is based on motivation and action, and is actually quite immeasurable.



Supreme gratitude to our kind donors …

Victoria Jeboult
Sole Satya
Shane Stantz
Sarah Cannell
Sonia Lowen-Pandji
Santiago Leal
Jana Reidenbach
Ivan Georgiev
Darren Woon
Anna Ostrovskaya
James Wright
Jack Huynh
Migmar Dawa
Peter Bago
Rigzin Tromge
Elizabeth O’Rourke
Julia Pruy
Marlee Heathcote
Andrea Fink
Sat Prem
Myoshin Kelley
Yuri Meeuws
Jeanba & Kiki Labbe
Cynthia Bates
Durga Martin
Charlotte Davis
Carole Migalka
Daniel Chui
Mimi Tam
Sarah Halverstadt
Christy Sloan
Ira Hardjosusono
Luis Paulo
Julie Green
Michal Bradfute
Kylin O’Brien
Lynn Harmet
Leigh Rosenberg
Chip Blank
Tobias Oswald
Helge Krogsgaard
Nyk Zietara
MariCarmen Navarro
Jenifer Delaquil
Deborah Webb
Paula Borell Soldevila
Joanne Bourke
Vivian Tsang
Urzula Mazela
Diego Gonzalez
Christopher Kuemmel
Shema Shemala
Faith Stone
Kim Moody
+ 16 Anonymous Donors

(list til May 2, 2017)

Clearly, worldwide. Rejoicing!

With much love,