Tara Granter of Boons

Arya-khadira-vani-Tara, Tara Granter of Boons (Mchog stsol ba’i Sgrol ma)

Homage to her, whose fingers adorn your heart.
With the gesture of the Sublime Precious Three,
Adorned with a wheel striking all directions without exception
With the totality of your own rays of light.

On a red lotus and moon, from SVA appears Red Tara with four arms. The first pair of hands hold vajra and bell with the gesture of joy on the crown of the head. The second right is snapping fingers in a dancing movement with the second left holds the branch of an Asoka tree, raining down jewels on beings. The lord of the type is Amoghasiddhi.

This verse praises her hand gestures. Her specialty is consecration. This Tara radiates her light to dispel arrogance.

Iconography by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.
21 Taras by Indian artist VV Sapar.

Sources: Khyentse Foundation.
“How To Free Your Mind” by Thubten Chodron.