Tara Victorious over the Three Worlds
Arya-trailokya-vijaya-Tara, Tara Victorious over the 3 Worlds (‘Jig rten gsum rgyal Sgrol ma), for purifying obscuration and negativities

Homage to her, whom Indra, Agni, and Brahma,
Marut and Vishveshvara all worship.
Ghosts, zombies, ghandaravas, ganas, and yakshas
All pay tribute before her.

On a red lotus and sun, from RE appears Red Tara with one face and four arms. Her right hands hold vajra and sword. Her left hands are in the threatening gesture and hold a noose.

Her specialty is to purify obscurations and negativities. In this verse, we praise her because the worldly gods offer their service to her.  This Tara tames the minds of some of the demons, zombies, and yakshas by drawing them close to her. But for those whose afflictions can’t be subdued in that way, she has to be more forceful, employing fierce means to get them on the path. Destroying them means transferring their minds to a pure land or destroying the wrong views that they symbolize. Doing this is the function of the fierce-looking deities.

Iconography by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.
21 Taras by Indian artist VV Sarpar.

Sources: Khyentse Foundation.
“How To Free Your Mind” by Thubten Chodron.