Victorious Liberating One

Arya-vijaya-Tara, Victorious Liberating One (Rab tu rgyas pa’i Sgrol ma)

Homage to her in whose hands is placed the one who bears a deer mark
In the shape of a godly lake.
She annuls every poison
With the twice-uttered TARA and the sound of PHAT.

On a white lotus with moon and goose, from GI appears white Tara with four arms. The first pair of hands is joined at the crown and hold hooks. The second pair hold the wish-granting gesture and a lotus with a book. She sits in the sativa posture. The lord of the type is Amithaba.

She is white, and her specialty is to dispel diseases caused by nagas, such as leprosy, tumors, and boils. She also pacifies diseases caused by poisons, such as toxins in the environment, air pollution, and food poisoning. This verse praises her activities that dispel the poisons of the world and the environment. As our planet becomes more polluted, new diseases associated with the environment are identified. The practice of this Tara is very good for those.

Iconography by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.
21 Taras by Indian artist VV Sapar.

Sources: Khyentse Foundation.
“How To Free Your Mind” by Thubten Chodron.