The Yogini Project 2018 – A Year In Review

What an extraordinary year it has been, one of the fullest journeys for the project so far.  It was really a foundational year, and while perhaps not outwardly visible as much, one of the most significant and transformative to date.  It is as if we have been moving towards a plateau for many years now, and having finally reached it are now able to spread out the foundation of our ultimate work at last.

What this has meant in specifics has been first, integrating several new key members to our team, foremost our new Content Director Anastasia Eremenko.  Anastasia and her assistant for many months this year Rachel were able to deepen and enrich our already rich website, a treasure trove of information, visibility, and inspiration for women on the path. 

So some our favorite content from the year first and then more of the Yogini story this year past…

Favorite Features

Female Deities ~ The 21 Taras (All 21!)
Female Deities ~ The Five Wisdom Dakinis
Wisdom Dakinis ~ Lekyi Wangmo
Wisdom Dakinis ~ Gomadevi
Wisdom Dakinis ~ Kalasiddhi
Wisdom Dakinis ~ Tashi Khyidren
Wisdom Dakinis ~ Shakyadevi
Wisdom Dakinis ~ Princes Parani
Accomplished Yoginis ~ Manibhadra
Accomplished Yoginis ~ Nangsa Obum
Teachers Of Today ~ Lama Shenpen Hookham
Teachers Of Today ~ Jetsunma Jamyang Drolma
Women In Dharma ~ Joanna Macy
Women In Dharma ~ Marcia Dechen Wangmo
Women In Dharma ~ Antonia Sumbundu
Writers/Translators ~ Sarah Harding

The Yogini Blog

The Meaning Of Dakini Day
An Interview With Jetsun Kushok Chimey Luding
Life Outside Our Story 
The Nagi Gompa Nuns
A Free Heart
The Hidden Valley Of Pemako
Beautiful Face Of Khechari
An Interview With Allison Choying Zangmo
Instructions For Women On Attaining Enlightenment Without Abandoning Daily Activities
Interview With Sakya Dagmola Rinpoche
Being A Buddhist Nun In The West
Life Story Of Niguma
A Female Lineage’s Welcome Transmission To Women

Waves Of New Media, Tibetan Yogini Releases, Dakini Song, and More…

Our Russian Content Director Anastasia alone added over 55% new content to the site, including hosts of female deities, features on all of the 21 Taras, wisdom dakinis, particularly from the Dzogchen tradition including Guru Rinpoche’s primary consorts, and more.  We also instigated our Instagram channel, complementing our vast facebook page, and vibrant it has become – it gets even more likes than our 72,000 following on fb – touching people where they are, inspiring for the path.  All these media channels and streams had continuous premium content, growing and illuminating, bringing the awakening feminine into today.

Behind the scenes, with our growing teams, there was a complete internal restructuring; fresh redesigns of both The Yogini Project and Dakini As Art sites over many months; migrating to faster, steadier servers; and all around fine tuning of the infrastructure and our content channels. 

Foremost, all this growth and restructuring is all about the path to Dakini Song and The Yogini Fund, which will be brought into being over the next few years. Dakini Song will film from 2019 through to 2021, filming over 200+ women in practice in all corners – or rather curves – of the globe.  A vast amount of research and networking was done over this year on 4 continents, laying the base and making the connections, to tap into what is happening with women in dharma everywhere, who to film, what to integrate.  We further met with both Tsoknyi Rinpoche and Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche for guidance on the upcoming film.  It really is informing of itself, and it has been an honor to be involved in what the dakinis are bringing through!

Further stirrings… Dakini Song is presently in pre-production in Argentina with first filming to take place in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay from potentially this May.

From our archives, we had several more Tibetan Yogini interview releases, subtitled and produced thanks to our successful crowdfundraiser in 2017.  Further releases with Marcia Dechen Wangmo and Lama Shenpen Hookham are in line in our studios to be released in January to new Yogini Patrons.

And with this all, Dakini As Art thrived.  Thanks to the many buyers of sublime art there – supporting many practitioning artists around the globe – we received much needed support for a lot of the work above. 

The Wise Tibetan Yoginis

Sending love to you and yours for this year to come!


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