Between dakas and dakinis there’s a difference
In how their bodies may seem in apparent reality,
But for Mahamudra, luminous clarity,
There’s not an atom of difference in their essential nature.

Those with good fortune and intelligence,
Who enter into the Vajrayana
And attain the mantric siddhis,
Are renowned as mantra-born dakinis.

By attending a realized teacher and
By the power of meeting mind’s natural state
They directly realize the reality that abides.
These are called coemergent dakinis.

By dwelling in the fields of the twenty-four
Sacred places of body, speech, and mind,
They accomplish the benefits of others.
These are called sacred-realm dakinis.

~ A Spontaneous Song by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche
from “Dakini’s Warm Breath” by Judith Simmer-Brown