What is a dakini? Just the other day I was saying, I don’t think many people understand what a dakini is. Because, you know, I hear that all the time: You’re a dakini, a beautiful girl is a dakini, a wonderful strong woman is a dakini, someone you want to pamper is a dakini, and then someone you respect and really see as an inspiration is a dakini.

The whole concept of ‘dakini’ is not limited to women or being feminine. Dakas and dakinis are synonymous. Anyone that has cut through deception and the limitless illusory deceptions, someone who can cut through that, that’s a dakini. It’s not restricted to a woman, and should never be used as these compliments that people make to women.

I was joking the other day and I was saying, I’ve heard a lot of people tell women, “You are a dakini,” or “My mother is a dakini,” or “My wife is a dakini,” and so forth. Perhaps they think a dakini is always very beautiful and gentle and kind and mother-like and nourishing and a strong woman and so forth. I don’t think they really have met one. It’s not always a compliment! Hahahahaha

~ Her Eminence Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche