Princess Gomadevi was the daughter of the king of Oddiyana in ancient times, more or less in the epoch of Garab Dorje. She is one of the lineage holders of the Dzogchen teaching, particularly Semde series, or Mind Section. She was disciple of Maharaja, the Khenpo of Oddiyana, and transmitted her knowledge to Atsantra Aloke.

In the biography of Vairochana we can find, among others, her essential biography and teaching that awoke ultimate understanding in her together with the song with which she expressed her realization:

“About then, the talented Princess Gomadevi yearned deeply to know the essential nature. She requested the meaning of the realized state from Maharaja the Uddiyana scholar who then bestowed it in full and condensed the meaning for her in song:

A single sphere, continuous, and not apart throughout the triple time,
A single sphere of natural freedom, beyond a path to travel,
Not bound by words, beyond a nature to be grasped,
Free from meditation object, I see the state beyond confines.

On hearing this, Princess Gomadevi understood the basic intent and then expressed her realization:

I am the one whose name is Gomadevi.
The elements, all five, are consorts of the fivefold families.
The aggregates are the five buddha lords.
The elements and sense-bases are male and female bodhisattvas.
Samantabhadri is the ground-of-all.
Samantabhadra is the knowing mind.
Attainment is these lords and ladies in nondual union.

It was then that the rishi Paraja and his wife Youthful Bliss-Giver had a son by the name Aloke the Atsantra, who was highly educated in the causal and resultant teachings. Feeling deep yearning to know the essential nature, he requested the meaning of the realized state from Princess Gomadevi who then bestowed it in full and condensed the meaning for him in song:

To yearn for freedom and the levels delays enlightenment.
To yearn for gaining happiness is deeply painful.
To yearn for reaching nonthought is itself a thought.
Gain this insight and remain devoid of seeking.

Upon hearing this, Aloke the Atsantra understood the basic intent and then expressed his realization:

I am Aloke, the learned.
Skilled in liberation, I cut arisings stream,
Skilled in union, the confine of ceasing is removed.
Skilled in the activities, effortlessly I achieve.
Skilled in siddhi, I depend on nothing else.
And skilled in meditation, uncontrived I now remain.”

Here is the song of realization sung by Gomadevi from “The Realizations of the Eighteen Scriptures of the Mind Section Expressed in Song by the Vidyadharas”:

“The realization of the Collection of Precious Gemstones, the spontaneous meditation song about nonarising, was sung in these words by Princess Gomadevi at the Hermitage of Conquerors during the latter half of night.

The mind of all the buddhas is the letter A.
The nature of this A is timeless, insubstantial.
This A, the source of all sugatas and the twofold truths
Also takes the form of what appears and what exists.
The substance of this A is timeless, the awakened mind.
By seeing its unchanging presence, beyond parting, I awakened.
In this awakened space transcending words and thoughts,
Awakened mind is nonarising like this A.
Stay composed and undistracted, uncontrived —
Realization I have found is simply this.
The stallion of wakeful knowing
Now gallops on the plains of dharmata.

Source:  Quotes from “Wellsprings of the Great Perfection” compiled and translated by Erik Pema Kunsang.

Top image:  Rainbow Gomadevi by Kay Konrad at Dakini As Art.