Jetsün Mingyur Paldron

“This great teacher is known as a tulku of both Yeshe Tsogyal and Machig Labdron. She was a daughter of Minling Terchen, the famed luminary terton and author of important texts of the Nyingma lineage. As soon as she was born, sitting up, she sang the sacred syllable HUM.

She received extensive teachings and transmissions from her father, her uncle Lochen Dharmashri, and many others. At the age of sixteen, her father passed away. At the age of nineteen, the forces of Dzungar Mongols destroyed Mindrolling Monastery and assassinated Lochen Dharmashri along with many masters. However, Jetsun with her mother and two sisters, escaped to Sikkim.

After the defeat of the Dzungars in Tibet, she went back and devoted her whole life to rebuilding Mindrolling and giving teachings and sacred transmissions. She also remained in retreat for many years at Khachod Dechenling. At the age of seventy-one — now even more youthful and radiant than before — sitting up in lotus posture and glancing up into the sky, she passed away. After passing, her mind and body remained in meditation for three days.

During the cremation, a ball of white smoke rose upward and moved toward the western direction. Some birds kept circling the smoke in the sky throughout the cremation ceremony. Every seventh day after her passing, for many weeks, the amazingly clear sky appeared filled with beautiful white rainbow lights. Monks and nuns of the monastery made three ceremonial visits to her sacred body. Each time five-colored rainbow light arched around the temple. Also a beam of very bright five-colored light rainbow light appeared linking one mountain to another, and linking one major temple to another. Many colorful lights appeared in the forms of various offering objects, such as a wheel, a horse, and flowers with four petals. On her cremated bones the images of many deities and sacred syllables appeared.”

Source:  “Incarnation” by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche