Khandro Pema Dechen


“This adept was born in Kongpo, Central Tibet.  From the time of childhood she was fully inspired by Dharma and Guru Padmasambhava. At the age of sixteen, she married a great adept, Thrulzhig Pawo Dorje of Minyag, Kham.  Most of the time with her husband and sometimes alone, she spent years in solitude in caves and mountains observing strict meditative practices and taking in very little food.  Her retreats included shelters of rocks, clothing of rags, and quenching of thirst by hard to get water on the tops of high mountains.  One time, a line of mice kept bringing tiny pieces of of food and piling them up in front of her to sustain her in a cave in a high mountain.  In addition to many other serious practices, she accumulated thirteen sets of the Fivefold Hundred-thousand Ngondro practice. She attained high realization, along with many visions and revelations, but kept them all secret.  After the death of her first husband, she married the Fourth Dodrupchen Rinpoche and supported Rinpoche’s Dharma activities so that they will flourish.

pema dechen thiglesAt the time of her passing, she remained in meditation for days.  During her cremation, the sky was filled with rainbow lights.  These were not just beams of rainbow lights, which are not that rare, but thigles, circles or spheres of rainbow lights, which are multiple colors, sizes, and designs.  They are signs that every particle of the physical form is being transformed into pure light, and then it all is being absorbed into the Ultimate Pure Sphere.  In fact, all that witnesses ever see is some slideshow of them.  And this was witnessed by hundreds of people – Tibetans, Bhutanese, Nepalese, Chinese, and Westerners alike – and it was all documented in still photos and videos.  … Also in Khandro’s ashes they found many ringsel.”

Source:  “Incarnation” by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche

Thigles photograph at time of Khandro Pema Dechen’s cremation by Tsewang Trungkar.

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