Semola Saraswati

Semola Saraswati Lama (b. 1966) is the daughter of Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche and Sangyum Kamala Rinpoche. She was recognised as a direct emanation of Sera Khandro (1892-1940), a famous female treasure revealer whose treasure texts are revered by many great Nyingma masters. Sera Khandro was the consort of Tulku Trime Ozer, one of the sons of the illustrious Terton Dudjom Lingpa, and also one of the root gurus of Chatral Rinpoche.

Since Chatral Rinpoche’s paranirvana, Semo Saraswati Lama is now responsible for his Gonpa in Yolmo, Nepal, where many monks, nuns, yogis and yoginis live, study and practice Dharma.

Image: Saraswati in 1987 in retreat in Yolmo.