As a wisdom dakini, Vajrayogini carries a hooked knife [kartari (sanskrit), triguk (tibetan)] known as the hook of mercy, the weapon of nonthought that cuts the deceptions of self-cherishing. Nonthought [togme] is the most basic expression of Vajrayogini, for her mind is completely free from subconscious chatter and from the habitual patterns that give rise to obsessive thought patterns. Nonthought is a purified form of ignorance or bewilderment, traditionally symbolized in Buddhism by a pig. In this sadhana, the dakini is secretly known as the Vajra Sow, or Vajravarahi, for her ignorance is completely transformed into freedom, the wisdom of limitless space. As the sadhana praises her, “Your sow’s face shows nonthought, the unchanging dharmakaya.”  To remind of this, Vajrayogini’s loosed and flowing hair partially conceals the head of a sow rising from near her right ear. The nonthought qualities of Vajrayogini harken to her secret dimensions of nondual wisdom and space, for she has no allegiance to emotional upheavals, interpretations, or habits of any kind.  She is completely concentrated on the source of everything [chojung], the vast space that is her basic nature, the rootless root of thoughts and emotions. Her three eyes radiate unbiased clarity. In this aspect, she is the vast and limitless mind of the Buddha.”

~ Judith Simmer-Brown, “Dakini’s Warm Breath”