Pam Cayton

Pam Cayton has been active in Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom for over 20 years, and is the founder of the Tara Redwood School in Santa Cruz, California. She is the author of Compassion in Education and runs the international training institute Creating Compassionate Cultures.

Pam spent ten years in Nepal studying Asian philosophy and religion and teaching English to Buddhist monks. During this time, Pam also organized courses in Buddhist philosophy and meditation for Western students and co-founded The Himalayan Yogic Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal. In 1988, Pam moved to the United States where she completed her Montessori training at Montessori World Education Institute and the ECE department of Cabrillo College.

In 1989, she started Tara Redwood School with the aim of educating the whole child: to convey the joy of learning and also to provide a foundation for the emotional and inner development of each child. The success of Tara Redwood School encouraged Pam to found Creating Compassionate Cultures, and organization dedicated to developing training programs, tools and resources and share them with educators around the world.

In this interview Pam talks about the history of Tara Redwood School and how she developed The Seven Steps to Knowledge, Strength and Compassion framework. She also shares stories about the school and her vision of how this programme can develop to reach wider audiences locally and internationally.

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