In The Minds of All Beings

mind of all beings

In the Minds of All Beings: Tsogyal Latso of Tibet is a twenty-minute documentary that takes us to the eighth century birthplace of Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal, the founding mother of Tibetan Buddhism and the greatest enlightened woman in Tibet. Blending legend and history, the film recounts an ancient story and shows how the wisdom and blessings of Yeshe Tsogyal have continued to our present time.

Filmed during a pilgrimage in 2010, the narrative guides us on a pilgrimage of our own through the sacred landscape of Tsogyal Latso: a self-arisen visionary lake, healing springs with winter-blooming flowers and a vigorous life-force sandalwood tree which dates back to Tsogyal’s birth. The film introduces us to a small community of nuns who arrived there after the Cultural Revolution. They came to Tsogyal Latso to revitalize and care for this revered place of the sacred feminine and fulfill their deepest desire for spiritual practice.

In the Minds of All Beings: Tsogyal Latso of Tibet was created to increase public awareness about Yeshe Tsogyal, her sacred birthplace, and the inspiring accomplishments of a small community of nuns equipped only with faith. The film captures the charged and stark beauty of the landscape and the gentle, loving presence of this spiritual community.

The title leads us to the film’s deep spiritual insight: Yeshe Tsogyal’s wisdom is found in the minds of all beings and in the world around us.

To view this film online:
Culture Unplugged: In The Minds Of All Beings – Tsogyal Latso of Tibet