There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at The Yogini Project.

1) Our short film WHITE LOTUS on Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s pioneering work transmitting the Tsoknyi Nangchen Nun yogini lineage to Nepal has now been completed.

White Lotus

One year in the making, the 15 minute film will attend our Blessings: International Version release as an afterward to that powerful film on the Nangchen Nuns, truly amazing, one of a kind, inspiring yoginis! The film will also be released independently to our Yogini Project YouTube channel later this summer at the time of release of the 8 language online streaming version of “Blessings: International Version.”  The film highlights not only the transmission of this vital lineage of awakened women, but Rinpoche’s balance of it with a “tulku’s education” and modern education techniques for the young nuns, truly creating the causes and conditions for the rise of female teachers this coming generation.

White Lotus was very warmly received by Tsoknyi Rinpoche and a group of retreatants that it premiered to at the end of May in Germany. It has been subtitled into English, and following will be into the same 7 languages that Blessings has been translated into: French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese.

2) Our “BLESSINGS” release is in the final pipeline now, with the original film being soon sent to a post-production house along with all subtitle files for a release later this summer. 

BLESSING Cover 5X7-1 BLESSING Cover 5X7-2

This was made possible by a spontaneously received, generous donation on Saga Dawa Duchen from a donor in the UK. Thanks for this kind support, “Blessings’ shall soon be received by many the world over.

3) Upcoming YOGINI ARCHIVES releases in August: Interviews with Rita Gross and with Lama Shenpen Hookham, as well as part II of our interview with the first Geshema, Kelsang Wangmo.

Further, a new dialogue series will be launched this summer as well starting with a dialogue with Michaela Haas, author of Dakini Power on her new book “Bouncing Back.”


4) While it has been a quiet month on our social media and blog front (several of our core members have been in a series of retreats, connected to the awakened feminine), we are in the process of integrating 4 new wonderful beings into The Yogini Project team to our Media, Content, and Social Media teams.

We are in process of training them now and easing into creating content on our page and website. Look forward to great new content and new perspectives coming soon. We have been particularly focused on bringing in new youth into the team to give a fresh eyed view to the Dharma and the aspirations that create benefit. A new series of blogs are upcoming with reflections on practice in daily life by youth, mothers, and nuns, each giving their own perspectives.

Niguma Wisdom

More updates to follow in July on Dakini As Art

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